Chocolate Caramels with Sea Salt

Everyone getting ready for New Years Eve? Picked out your dress, got your booze, got all these parties to go to? Yeah?? 

Well, not for me. I'm going to stay at home by myself and probably read over my new baking books (again) and maybe fiddle around with my new light setup. Exciting, I know.

This is also the time of year when everyone makes resolutions. 'Eat healthier!' and 'Exercise more!' and 'Be happier!', as if it was just as easy as that. Not to generalize, but most of these don't make it past January. Those kinds of things aren't something you just suddenly do, it's a lifestyle change. Everything in moderation, folks. 

Okay, you want to eat healthier, go for it, but you also have to take into account your mental health. Are you going to be happy eating brown rice and spinach for every meal? Or never going out to restaurants? I've witnessed this and they certainly were not a happy camper.

The things I make on this blog are indulgences. And you should do exactly that - indulge. But it's not indulging if you have it everyday. That what makes desserts and sweets special, you don't have something like this every single day. It's okay to treat yourself - heck, you deserve it! Don't feel guilty about eating something, that just ruins the whole point of eating it in the first place. Food is meant to be enjoyed and savoured. 

I'm just putting this out there because I know pinterest is just exploding with new workout routines, super healthy detox smoothie recipes, and those text-over-pictures with inspirational quotes about being a better you. You don't have to make a resolution. Or, if you do, it doesn't have to be the same old 'Be healthier, happier, spontaneous, blah blah blah'. 

How about something like, "Try to be a little bit nicer to the cashier at the supermarket" or "Be patient with the slow driver ahead of you who has their blinker on but obviously isn't turning" or even "Don't have a tantrum when the thing you spent all day baking came out wrong" (that one's for me). And then, maybe every month or week or whatever you want, have a new one. Baby steps, my friends.

Everything in moderation. 

Except maybe these bad boys.

Happy New Year, everybody.

Chocolate Caramels with Sea Salt

1 1/4 cup (302 g) heavy cream
2 cups (454 g) unsalted butter
2 cups (400 g) sugar
5 oz. (141 g) good quality dark chocolate, chopped finely
1 teaspoon sea salt

Butter an 8 inch square pan. Set aside.

In a saucepan, heat the cream and butter until melted, set aside.

In a large saucepan over medium heat, combine the sugar and just enough water to make a paste. Heat to 300 F (148 C), then slowly add the melted butter and cream. It will bubble up, be careful.

Bring the temperature back up to 260 F (126 C). Add the chocolate and stir to emulsify. Pour the mixture into the pan. Let cool, sprinkle with sea salt, and cut into squares.


  1. Definitely my point of view! I don't make New Year's resolutions - they usualy don't work. There was only one resolution in my life that came true and is working for a whole year now - to be a vegetarian. But there was log way to it and it is something that makes me a little happier (and healthier) every day. All the little things you've mentioned - that's what really matters in real life.

    I wish you very happy new year and lots of successful baking and cooking adventures :-)


    1. That's a much more realistic and practical goal, good on you for keeping it up. Thanks, happy new year to you as well!

  2. Unfortunately I didn't have much luck with this recipe. After adding the chocolate, the mixture split and became grainy, despite how much vigorous mixing I did. It's cooling now and continues to sweat a watery liquid. If anyone knows what I did wrong I'd really love to know.

    1. Hm, not too sure what you may have done wrong. Was the butter and cream mixture cool when you added it to the caramel? Did you make sure to add the butter and cream at the right temperature and bring it up to the right temperature to add the chocolate? I can't think of anything else that would create a grainy texture...

  3. The New York Times article with this recipe states:

    Depending on the quality of the chocolate and the butterfat content of the cream, the mixture may separate when the chocolate is added to the pot. It can be re-emulsified with a whisk or an immersion blender, and adding a little more cream can help too.

    Might be useful for anyone who experiences similar problems. :)

    1. Thank you for the advice! I learned something new today :)