Coconut, Pineapple, and Passion Fruit Layer Cake

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I don't make cakes very often, especially not layer cakes. I never really liked layer cakes as a kid because they were always dry, flavourless, and kind of boring. The cakes at my friends birthday parties always looked so delicious and I would always have some, but the minute the cake entered my mouth, it would suck up all the moisture, I'd be struggling to swallow it, and all I wanted was a glass of milk to wash it down. So I learned early on that cake = dry, no ifs, ands, or buts. 

I have since corrected that in my own cakes, but I still prefer mousses and custards to a cake. Unless it's a mousse cake, then HELLO - that's all me.

This cake, however, is not like most cakes. This cake is moist and almost custardy in texture, then I went and put passion fruit curd in between the layers for even more custardy-ness. This cake will never dry out your mouth or have you reaching for a glass of milk. This cake is all you need.
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Strawberry Passion Fruit Macarons

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Weekend mornings are my favourite mornings, especially now that a sleep-in for me means a 7am wakeup (not sarcastic)! Early morning work shifts have their upsides. 

I like waking up when the sun is just getting warmed up and the streets are quiet except for a few people walking around and a maybe a car or two. I slowly make my cup of tea, plop myself down on the couch, and start browsing food blogs. Nowadays, I crack the window open a little bit to breath in a bit of fresh air and hear everyone start their days, draw the curtains completely away from the window to let in aaaaall that spring sunshine and delight in the buds coming in on the trees right outside my window. Soon, when I look out my window, it will be filled with vibrant green leaves instead of bare branches.

I'm a winter girl - I like my sweaters and my blankets and my cozy fires, but the change from winter to spring is always a welcome sight. It's like a breath of fresh air in a stale, stuffy room. 
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